Mr. Tomczak is certified by the State of Illinois to teach the following Subjects:

High School

* Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry and Calculus
* Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science

Middle School

* 6th and 7th General Math, 8th Grade Pre-Algebra and Algebra
* Physical Science and Computer Science

Tomczak Tutoring provides specific, targeted homework help and tutoring designed to to address student’s immediate needs – that is, improving their class performance in the areas where they are struggling right now.

This one-on-one attention and focus is the major difference between my service and nationwide chains you may have seen advertised (like Sylvan or Huntington).  The chains assess your child and then add them to a larger group tutoring session in an effort to improve areas where the assessment has identified a weakness.

This is an effective approach for students with  fundamental knowledge gaps, but it does  little to address the needs of those  students who have fallen behind on specific topics in specific classes.  For those children, their grades will continue to fall and their frustration will continue to grow until they can get discreet, targeted help on the classroom topics where they are struggling.  These are the students who benefit from the individual focus they receive at Tomczak Tutoring Services.

• Sessions in your home, in your local public library, or at my home in Brookfield can be arranged – the goal is finding a location that is the most convenient and learning-conducive for your child.

• Group sessions can also be arranged, if your child has one or more friends struggling in similar areas of the same topic.  In such an event, group rates are available.

• Tutoring sessions are available Monday through Friday from 4 PM to 8 PM, as well as Saturday or Sunday by appointment.  Sessions are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

One-on-one tutoring session rate is $50 / session (90 minutes).

• Group tutoring session rates vary based on the number and the needs of the students.  See the Sessions page.