Real Comments from Real Kids

Here’s a sampling of some comments from students I have worked with in the past:

• You are the best teacher I ever had.  When you teach Algebra, it's like I'm learning addition and subtraction; it's that EASY!
– Diamond B.

• Mr. T is a great teacher because he knows everything about math AND science.  He makes learning math interesting and because he explains it using science and other things in life.
– Amanda D.
I progressed but I still felt like I did not know it until I came to the Math and Science Academy.  Now within 5 minutes I can find "x" in 20 big Algebra problems. You were right about the more you do them, the better you get.  Now I do them in my head with no problem.  Also your funny methods and saying helped ALOT.  From your "Hook Method" for finding "x", to your "Magic Circle" for calculating percentages and especially your poem "Letters and numbers side by side, are always being multiplied", I always have these in my mind when doing math and it has made me a better math student."
- Emir M.

• Mr. T made my first year in high school algebra way easier.  He pushed us to work beyond 8th grade math and now I know more than anyone else in my algebra class.
- Clarisa S.
• Mr. T was the best math teacher I ever had.   He explained things like no other math teacher I ever had.
– Daisy S.
• Mr. T got me interested in engineering because he's an engineer and use to tell us how math is used in science and engineering.   He got me so interested that I'm now going to U of I studying engineering.
– Marcus R.
I'm pleased to let you know that something worked my son Tyler this year.  Tyler has Mr. Tomczak for math  and Tyler told me how hard they have been working to learn Algebra and prepare for high school entrance exams.  As a result, Tyler scored above average in math on the entrance exam.  We are also very proud because he received an Academic Scholarship and has been admitted to the Honors Program with all honors classes.
- Ms. G. Blue (proud and appreciative parent)

• Mr. T helped me invent the Internet.  I pity the fool who does not sign up for his tutoring services.
– Al G.
(ok, the last one isnt' real :)