Accelerated Math Instruction

Are your kids bored in math class?
Do they complain that the class moves too slowly or that they already know all the topics they're covering?
Are you afraid your kids will loose their mathematical edge and worse yet, their desire to excel?

Well, you're not alone.  Many parents have similar concerns.

You may have spoken with your kids' teachers regarding your concern.
You may have even spoken with your school's administration.
And yet your child is still not moving at a pace that challenges them and keeps them stretching.
I understand your concerns and I can help.

As a public school math teacher with a decade of experience, I can tell you that there is only so much teachers can do customize lessons for your children.  Simply put; the math teacher spends 40 to 45 minutes a day with your child.  That time is shared among 20 to 30 students.  Do the math... In an ideal situation, that comes to about a minute or two of one-on-one time per day under the best circumstances.  To make the situation even more challenging for the teacher, the class can be composed of students whose abilities span an eight year spread.  This is experience talking... As an 8th grade math teacher, my classes are composed of students with ability levels that range from 4th grade to 12th grade!  One person can't be all things to all students simultaneously.

You have a decision, you have a choice.  If you feel it is important to invest in your child's continued ascent in mathematics you need to consider personalized or small group accelerated math instruction.