About Me

I have taught math at Westchester Middle School in Westchester, IL since 2003.  At about the same time, I began teaching community college – level mathematics, and I am currently an adjunct faculty member at Triton College. Prior to teaching at Westchester, I also did a brief stint teaching high school math in Chicago.

Consequently, I have experience working with students across a spectrum from middle school to the college level.  With this “big picture” view of the progression in math concepts, I can help students understand the value of what they are learning, and how those topics apply in future classes and in the real world.

As I think most teachers will tell you, there is no one-size-fits-all method to teaching – each student may respond to a slightly different approach.  Excellent teachers constantly strive to reach as many students as possible, but occasionally certain students will stumble on certain topics.

For these students, one-on-one tutoring provides the personalized instruction they need.  In a no-pressure, fail-free environment – away from the sometimes-harsh scrutiny of their classmates - I can use different methods and spins to work on problem areas until the proverbial “light bulb” goes on for your child.

You’ve probably seen ads for tutoring franchises, and they can be helpful for certain students.  However, ultimately they are a “one-size-fits-most” type of service, just like your local McDonalds.  You will likely end up accommodating their schedule, signing a contract for a pile of sessions that may not be necessary, and – most importantly – putting your child into the same type of group-teaching environment that they struggled with initially.

One-on-one tutoring is a more efficient and effective approach for many students.  As an educator, I find it to be immensely rewarding – personally and professionally – to hit upon the explanation that unlocks a difficult concept and witness that “Ah HAH!” moment for a struggling student.

If your child is having difficulty with one or more subjects in my area of expertise, I would be happy and honored to help.

Best regards,

John Tomczak